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You could be landing fish like this if you choose a halibut trip in Cook Inlet, the most prolific halibut fishery in the world. Halibut LOVE its flat sandy gravel bottom and thrive on the ecosystem’s food chain of herring, cod, salmon, and crab. Even though every halibut isn’t a “barn door”, your likelihood of catching your limit is excellent, and every fish caught yields mounds of succulent boneless white meat.

For 2020 our halibut limit will be two fish per day. One fish must be under 28″. If you are planning to charter three or more days please note there is a four fish per year limit in 2020. Be sure to talk with your boat crew if you have any questions.

When you choose to access this fishery from our location at Ninilchik (Deep Creek Recreation Area) you will note the shortest travel time of all the halibut fishing spots in Alaska. Due to our proximity to the fishing grounds, the boat ride is usually no more than 45 minutes, as opposed to two or three hours at locations like Homer or Seward.

Optimal Departure Times
We optimize your fishing excursion by timing our trips around the prime fishing time of “slack” tide when there is no or slow water movement. Other locations may launch at a certain time every day, even if the tide is at it’s worst current. But our departure times, sometimes early morning or sometimes late afternoon, are always centered on the best time.

We fish through one cycle of slack tide, and return home when you catch your limit or when the increasing current after slack tide prevents you from keeping bait on the bottom. Generally this means a 6 to 8 hour trip.

Halibut fishing is the premier fishing of Alaska, and something everyone should do at least once during their stay.



Alaskan Chinook King Salmon Fishing Charters

If you are yearning for the prized Alaska Chinook “King” Salmon, our location provides two distinct opportunities to fulfill your dream. The first run is in May and June and the second one is the month of July.

Charter Rates
First Run Saltwater Combos

In May and early June, we can intercept the first run of kings in the saltwater of Cook Inlet as they migrate toward their home rivers. This type of trip, known locally as a combo trip, is done by trolling about 2 to 3 hours in conjunction with a halibut trip. The angry fight and arm-numbing strength of a hooked chinook in saltwater will provide memories for a lifetime, and a HUGE mound of bright red salmon fillets.

First and Second Run River Charters
The first run starts into the local rivers about the third week of May and continues in the rivers until the end of June. The best river for this fishing is the Kasilof River, about 23 miles north of Alaskan Angler RV Resort, the perfect place to park your RV or stay in one of our cabins. It is a non-motorized river, meaning only drift boats are permitted. This provides a quiet, serene experience punctuated only by cries of “fish on!”. You will love it. We provide 7 hour professionally guided trips in our drift boats on this river.

July brings the second run of kings, and the loosening of fishing restrictions make both the Kasilof and the Kenai Rivers excellent for king fishing. You have your choice of power boat trips on the Kenai for six hours or drift boats on the Kasilof for seven hours. If you hook one of these monsters you better sit down and strap in because you are in for the fight of your life. You must try it!



 Silvers by the Hundreds!
In late July and August the plentiful wild Alaskan Coho “Silver” salmon draws folks from all over the world to Seward. These acrobatic fish are pound-for-pound the best fighting fish in the world. We provide three opportunities to observe their patented “double back flip with three twists” defense:

  1. saltwater charters from Seward, where the limit is six fish per person and you can come away with a load of fish like this couple did
  2. river fishing from boats in the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers
  3. fly-in trips by float plane across Cook Inlet

Charter RatesSeward Variety Fishing 

In Seward you have the option of extending your usual 8 hour silver trip into a 10 hour variety fishing trip. That gives time to also fish for other species such as lingcod, rockfish, red snapper (yelloweye rockfish) and even halibut.

Kasilof River Drift Boat Charters
River fishing for silvers begins August 3rd and our Kasilof trips are 7 hours in our custom-built drift boats. On even-numbered years, there is a bonus of tremendous pink salmon fishing also which can be so intense your arms will be sore for days.

Special Fly-in Float Plane Charters

Fly-in trips for silvers can also be arranged. This is an exciting opportunity not only to get in some great fishing, but also breathtaking sightseeing during the flight. These trips are about 8 hours and as a bonus, usually take you up close and personal with a number of four-legged, brown-haired fishermen with big teeth. I’m not talking about your twin cousins here but real, wild, Kodiak brown bears. Overall this is the most exciting trip available. Silver salmon fishing here starts in late July. 

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A Birds Eye View of Alaska
Get ready for the trip of your life. If it’s not enough for you to get in an airplane while it’s sitting ON WATER and actually take off from the water, then just wait until you land on the water on the other side of Cook Inlet.

These day trips take you to areas only accessible by aircraft, and enroute provide the most dramatic view of our glorious mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, and rivers imaginable. Your guide is your pilot, and for about 8 hours he or she will give you a bird’s eye view of Alaska, and a great fishing experience.

Fish & Bears
Your trip will be primarily a fishing trip for salmon, the species dependent on exactly when you travel here. And the fishing is fantastic. But you will also be treated to another experience: fishing side-by-side with some real experts –  bears. Bring lots of camera film or digital media, as you WILL take pictures to remember this. (As if you could ever forget it!)  “Dramatic, enthralling, exciting” – are just a few of the words that have been used to describe this excursion.

This fly-in trip does have some special pricing considerations such as area of fishing, number of persons, etc. Please call for an exact quote.